What it does

Inspired by this project, I wanted to make a weather clock. It uses the internet to get a days weather estimate and moves an arm to tell you what to wear for the day. A reed switch is used to refresh the immediate prediction in case of sudden weather changes

What it does right now

It can control a motor, which is all I need to make my clock !

Challenges I ran into

Atmel studio is not my jam, I'm more of a thin driver kind of person and I'd prefer to build small applications on top of that. The datasheet is very hard to read and understand. It requires too much reading to figure a pair of UART/SPI pins.

Bootloader implementation (borrowing from Justin's)


Cloud connection

I plan to use IBM Bluemix and hook it up to a weather API. Using the API data I then actuate the motor and indicate what to wear for the day.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It kinda sort of works. Which I'm really happy with!

What I learned

I'm most happy with the board design part and I'm really looking forward to playing with it some more.

Things I'd do next time

I'd add way more sensors and a display. I'd probably expose all the Sercom pins and then write a UART CLI to allow me to configure them on the fly and send data via the CLI to that port. It should be great for playing with sensors directly.





Built With

  • atmel
  • c
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