As women in computer science, we know the struggle that non-binary and those who identify as women face in a male-dominated field. We wanted to create a place where these people can come together to share their knowledge and support each other.

WB offers a map of women-owned businesses in the user's area, along with a list of non-binary and female-identifying-owned online businesses. It also gives users the opportunity to network with other business owners through special events and a mentorship program between experienced business owners and those just starting out.

WB was created in Android Studio, using Java as the coding language and XML as the markup language. The map of businesses was implemented using Google-API and the logos and icons were created using Adobe Illustrator. The app is connected by Firebase and monitored by Google Analytics.

Actually getting the app to display in the Virtual Device was the most challenging part of creating WB. It took several hours for us to display the toolbar on each page, but, with a little help from the mentors, we eventually figured it out.

In the future, we hope to implement a live chat feature, advertise actual events, create personalized accounts for the users, and create a large database for the forms.

We hope you enjoy WB!

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