As a group, we decided to create a project that evolves around an idea that bothers all of us, and the people around us. Today, you always have to listen to the same kind of prechosen music instead of listening to something that perfectly fits your mood and your surroundings. We, as a team, decided to put an end to the era of traditional playlists and chose to create a service that allows the user to never be bored of music again.

What it does

Wavye provides the user with a music listening experience that is never the same twice. It provides dynamically chosen music based on a mood that the user inputs, the weather around him, and in case of long road trips, it can even fit music that is best suited to long driving, and playlist that is as long as the trip.

How we built it

Our first prototype of wayve is built as a web application, which acts like a normal music player, with skip, play/pause, and all the traditional features of a normal music player, except for the fact that the next song is always best suited for your mood and surroundings and is chosen dynamically.

Challenges we ran into

Developing with ajax, working in multiple languages, workspaces and operating machines.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

WE succeeded working with ajax, and we've found many solutions to a lot of problems that risen because of the differences between the workspaces.

What we learned

we learned to work with a lot of protocols and languages, and used many libraries that we haven't met before.

What's next for Wayve

We believe that Wayve can proceed to being a useful real music streaming service with its own database and fully functional features.

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