Our project is about mood tracking and visualization. User can track their mood at any time by checking in with their Apple Watch. The result will be recorded and visualized. The user can check their mood record and the mood map in the area at real time.

This project was inspired by some data visualization projects. We think collecting data and visualizing the data can bring more insights and awareness to people. It helps people know more about themselves and the environment.

Our target users are people who care about their mood status. With the portability of Apple Watch, users can track their mood at any time and any place.

The complete product has the features:

  1. Track people's mood
  2. Visualize personal mood information
  3. Visualize the mood map of this area
  4. Socialize people to support each other when someone is in bad mood for long time

Now the prototype only has the feature of mood tracking. It enables user to check in one's mood choosing from six moods: tender, happy, excited, sad, scared and angry.

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