Watcher keeps you in the moment. Watcher integrates your wristwatch with your calendar events and weather data to keep you up to speed. Especially handcrafted for Samsung Galaxy Gear devices, it provides you with an elegant visual indication of your daily events. Avoid the hassle of constantly opening up multiple apps and devices just to check what you should be doing next. With Watcher on your Galaxy Gear, you'll never be late again!


  • Beautifully rendered watch display on your wrist
  • All you calendar events visualized for the next 12 hours
  • 60-minute countdown indicator to the next event
  • Swipe the screen to change between views (new!)
  • Access calendar event info
  • Access weather forecast for the next 12 hours (new!)
  • Localized time formats
  • Localized temperatures (C°/F°) (new!)
  • Support for Unicode characters for calendar events

Watcher uses a service application called WatcherManager on your Galaxy device. It is installed automatically when you install Watcher. After the application is installed, just select Watcher as your current watch face on your Galaxy Gear, and your calendar events and weather data will be synchronized automatically the next time you check the time using Watcher. The Watcher weather data is powered by Forecast (

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