Have you ever been in a new location, curious about the must-see spots you shouldn't miss? Are you looking for new experiences in a familiar place? WanderGuide can provide a curated walking tour, a custom adventure, based on your in-the-moment interests and limitations.

What it does

Using some parameters of interests, available time, budget, and location, WanderGuide will create a curated walking tour.

How we built it

We put together a native mobile iOS application to call a backend Python API that leverages OpenAI & LangChain APIs to request a curated walking tour based on the user-chosen parameters.

Challenges we ran into

Time! While we are all used to async work, it is challenging to coordinate front-end/back-end work in a timely fashion.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We narrowed down a single concept & went for it. We learned to apply our understanding of using the OpenAI user interface, in a clever, customizable format what we could build on top of by way of its API.

What we learned

  • Prompt engineering
  • OpenAI + LangChain APIs

What's next for WanderGuide

While the premise of WanderGuide is to curate guided walking tours, the possibilities about information based on geolocation are endless. WanderGuide could evolve into solving other common questions that arise when visiting or moving to a new place.

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