• Struggling to find good study spots with power near you and wanting to use that time more effectively
  • Voltus comes from the word "vultus" which means "to look for" in Latin

What it does

Our app helps you locate available outlets in buildings/businesses near you. You pick a participating building, pick a floor, pick an outlet, and view live data on outlet usage. You can select an airport, library, coffee shop, any place that decides to install our IoT outlets and create an entry in our platform.

How we built it

We made an iOS app through react-native with a node.js MQTT backend handling IoT outlet statuses

Challenges we ran into

React-native pretty was difficult to work with

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the design and attempting to use react-native

What we learned

nothing is ever easier with react-native

What's next for Voltus

a full working prototype that implements the backend, frontend, and the brand + design

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