We all enjoy playing games and wanted to learn new stuff through the event. Since only one of us made some Android development in the past, we decided to try development for Google's OS.

What it does

The app features multiple mini-games to train your brain with only voices command, leaving you hands-free. Every on screen "button" is in fact only text that, by reading, gets activated.

How we built it

We built our app using Android Studio that supports Java development for Android. We also used Illustrator for all the graphical stuff. For the voice recognition, we implemented the Nuance API to get a great hands-free experience.

Challenges we ran into

Nuance API was more challenging than we thought it would be. Implementing it for Android was hard mainly because Android is really difficult on how you manage external files and also because Nuance had problem with some of their files too. But by working with Nuance's staff and spending countless hours at exploring the API, we finally managed to make it work! Also, working with websockets was a new thing for almost the four of us. Internet-related development is not our main domain and implementing API with websocket was something quite new but we managed to deal with it and use it properly to build our app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing the API and being able to control our whole application solely by voice. Many games incorporate voice recognition but only for certain features. Being able to control the whole thing with our voice only from the main menu to the game over screen in such a short time not only proves that we are able to implement such a complete feature while also proving that games should not be shy of voice recognition since it is now a very powerful technology and that the experience can also be great.

What we learned

Three of us learned how to developp Android Applications in an efficient way in order to have a working and complete app in 24 hours. We also learned some things about websockets by implementing the connection between our app and Nuance's servers. We encountered quite many problems along the way but were capable of managing that challenge and complete our app.

What's next for Vocal Brain

We'd like to implement some more games since with all the problems we encountered along the way, we had to put less games in our app. We'd also like to have some more functionnalities controlled by voice such as options menus. Implementing multilanguage support for the voice recognition would be something interesting for our project to open it to more people, especially children that are often unilangual.

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