One of our team members' family member was struck with COVID-19 and had a hard time trying to take care of the family member. One of which was taking vitals for her loved one. We came up with a solution to digitalize the way care takers would take patient's vitals

What it does

Vitals allows you to: input your vitals, locate the nearest hospital, and call in case of an emergency

How I built it

Our app is built using the Android Studio IDE. We used Firebase as our database to store the patient's vitals records, Mapbox API to locate different hospitals in our area, and made use of different Android Studio features such as Phone Intent to call directly on the app

Challenges I ran into

One of the challenges we faced was integrating the Firebase to store the data and displaying images of the hospital locations from the GeoJSON Data but Stackoverflow and reading the documentation helped us debug and understand the errors we faced

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to bring our idea to reality

What I learned

Throughout this project we learned a lot about design prototyping and we were able to see how the high-fidelity designs to be applied when developing the product

What's next for Vitals

We hope to develop the application on iOS and improve the user experience of navigating the app through voice recognition as well as adding a scroll feature for users to input their data then opposed to having to type the information out. Down the road, we plan to release the app on the app store for others to use our product!

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