Welcome to Vita: a world-class, worry-free learning tool

Vita is an education-focused app that enables kids to learn mathematics in a creative way. The app provides the user with a great experience thanks to the special technologies packed in it, such as enhanced parental control with voice authentication, machine learning technologies, handwriting recognition, and more.

Handwriting recognition and machine learning make Vita feel even more natural

I realized that typing on a keyboard is generally not the most comfortable experience. That's why the app lets you write answers to arithmetic questions on a drawing pad, just like you would do on paper. It magically recognizes your handwriting, and also gets better at recognizing the numbers you write over time with machine learning technologies.

There's more: get help, scribble on the sketchpad and browse the leaderboards

I believe apps are a great way to teach things, and Vita represents my best efforts to offer a free, worry-free, worldwide education to every kid in the world. That's why I built a fully integrated sketchpad, a smart assistant to help you with your math questions and leaderboards and achievements to make Vita a first-class learning tool.

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Thanks for checking out Vita! I'm glad you're curious about how Vita is improving the way kids and parents enjoy educational games. Security and creating a great learning environment are top priorities to Vita.

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