Do you know what is happening inside your SAP system right now? How about yesterday? What about tomorrow? Can you easily visualize the SAP data over the last week, month or even year? These are the challenges faced by all customers who run an SAP system.

While many system metrics can be seen in the SAP system, and the SAP system either does not store historical information or it stores the data but aggregates the dataset so that overtime the granularity of the data gets more and more course, making it impossible to drill down to a low level of detail for statistics older than a few days or a week.

Moreover, most of these data are not presented in a graphical format which makes it harder for the user to view and analyse the data effectively.

Other limitations include; • data that is not recorded historically by SAP, instead it only provides a point-in-time snapshot • fixed architecture and scope of collected information, if SAP has no capability to extract the data then you are forced to build code to collect the information and store / analyse it somewhere • some customers have specific collection needs that are unique to their environment that SAP or vendors who provide fixed / compiled agents will never support

With Visualize SAP, we extend Splunk® Enterprise capability to extract, store and analyse data from SAP system. Users have central visibility of their landscape including SAP system.


The genesis of our inspiration to build visualize SAP was born out of repeated requests from customers who had SAP system issues, who would always ask the same questions: • Why is the system slow? Where is SAP spending it’s time to respond to the users? • The error that occurred today, did it happen yesterday? Last week? Last month? • Is the system response/load increasing or decreasing with user load? • How many users do we have, how many are logged in, how much work are they creating? • Is my batch job running longer? Is it taking longer to execute over months / years? • How can I do capacity planning? If I calculate the trend when will we have capacity issues? • How can I tell when a piece of functionality stopped? Like a connection to another system, how long was it not functioning? Has it happened before? Visualize SAP solves all these problems for the customer.

Target User

Out target users are • SAP application managers who need to produce non-technical reports on SAP • Technical SAP support staff who want to analyse SAP performance be able to do forensic analysis


• Visualize SAP app on SAP (v2.1) Key Features Collects various metrics of the SAP system and uploads to any target system including Splunk® Enterprise Customize the metrics you want to collect and filter out data Easily customize to add new metric to collect Low overhead, negligible impact on system

• Visualize SAP app on Splunk® Enterprise Collection of dashboard and views that represent SAP system


SAP Netweaver 7.01 - 7.4 NetWeaver ABAP stack (SAP ERP, CRM, BW etc) runs on all platforms supported by SAP with no modification, and no requirement for platform specific binaries. Support for all major database supported by SAP including SQL Server, Oracle, HANA, maxDB

Future plans

Forecast trends of SAP hardware allocation including system memory, database size Visualize SAP for SAP system on Java

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