Utilizing a CSV example dataset as well as having the idea inspired by my data mining project, I decided to embark on a new development journey.

What it does

Utilizing GraphXR, I was able to load the CSV and create property tags for different IDs. Then I set the different colors for organization purposes and can now visualize the data efficiently.

How I built it

Install Node4j Desktop Starter --> Install GraphXR app --> Run database via Node4j Browser --> Load CSV data locally --> Set Property Tags --> Run Force in Layout --> Allow for Parametric View + Tree Distribution --> Run Enhanced Table --> Relationship Variables: 1001, 17.99, 2019 (Year), 842302, M --> Can allow f(x) connectors for data sourcing --> Aggregate: (nodePropValue,neighborPropValues) => nodePropValue --> Label (Visible) --> EROAD (Visible)/Set Color --> Load default properties from CSV: 0.006193, 0.006399, 0.01587, 0.03003, 0.04904, 0.05373, 0.07871, 0.1184, 0.1189, 0.1471, 0.1622, 0.2419, 0.2654, 0.2776, 0.3001, 0.4601, 0.6656, 0.7119, 0.9053, 1.095, 10.38, 1001, 122.8, 153.4, 17.33, 17.99, 184.6, 2019, 25.39, 8.589, 842302, M, Property 1, id --> Node Size Scale:1 (in settings)

Challenges I ran into

In the beginning, I had problems originally loading GraphXR and even installing Node4j's Desktop starter, but I quickly figured it out. There still seems to be a few UI hurtles though when trying to load schemas, as it prevented me from making/editing a schema.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This data visualization took less than an hour to do, and it is compatible w/ (Dask, Lonero OS, Scientific Linux, and React), (amongst others) so as long as you have Node4j Desktop you can run this across multiple platforms without needing custom schemas.

What I learned

I got introduced to the basics of Node4j Desktop and found out about the GraphXR application/tool/plugin

What's next for Visualize Breast Cancer w/ GraphXR

Right now, I am not entirely sure. I am thinking of maybe creating a custom NPM package that lets you load the data automatically or making an Instructables guide. Maybe, I may leave it as it is and start building some more advanced projects.

Built With

  • graph
  • graphxr
  • node4j
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