The idea came to us focusing on our daily life challenges. Surprisingly we all agreed that we've got plenty of plants and unfortunately they were always in a dying state, so we decided to create an application which can help people to remember the right time to plant different types of plants.

What it does

Basically it does the following: we have set up four different type of plants: cactus, aloe vera, daisy and mint. And for every single plant, we want to show the user how many days left should they plant them and some useful tips to take care of them.

How we built it

Any of us had any experience with app development. This was our first time using Android Studio and we had to learn all from zero.

Challenges we ran into

We are "newbies" in android studio using and java programming. So we had to learnt in advanced how these to things work. After that when we were developing the application, we ran into so many programming problems that were difficult to treat them, for example, storing a global variable in an activity so that it does not disappear whenever we start a new Activity etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Although we faced a lot of problems, we were looking them up non-stop and we discussed in team whenever we were making an important decision. I can daresay that we have done a superb team job and even though there were not enough time to complete the project, we've done the majority and we surely will finish it!

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