Derived from the word adventure, Venture is an app that serves as a simple way to organize photos and record thoughts. Designed to inspire wanderlust and appreciation for nature, it encourages users to cherish the world we live in and make the most out of it.

What it does

The app allows users to upload photos of their travels and explorations and document their thoughts and memories associated with the photos. Individuals can create journals for different occasions and write as many entries for each journal. As our world becomes more digital, it is still important to find the time to write about our thoughts and reflect on the things we experience. This app helps streamline that process into a convenient and enjoyable way.

How I built it

I began by brainstorming app ideas for this hackathon and felt the urge to create something fun to remind myself of all the great things in this world. I sketched the interfaces I wanted to create on paper then began officially designing it in Adobe xd. I started arranging all the icons and buttons needed then proceeded to work on the branding in Adobe illustrator. Then I decided on the fonts I wanted to use and began stylizing the app. I used all my own photos for this app which further allowed me to exercise my creativity.

Challenges I ran into

The designing of this app took a long time for me to do as I kept making changes. Since I spent most of the time working on the flow of the app, I was not able to write the extensive code needed for the app. However I did discover a plugin for Adobe xd that allows you to export artboards into html files. I managed to create a few html files for a simple prototype.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I always participate in hackathons because I love to learn and create. Although I didn't expand my coding skills much, I did explore my creativity and my passion for designing user interfaces. I studied apps that I frequently used to see how to generate the most effective experience for a user. I also learned many new features of adobe xd during this process as I had to learn how to execute certain ideas I had.

What I learned

I learned how to produce an app that features heavy user engagement and things to consider in such situations. Although my app idea is relatively simple, I still pondered on how to organize a digital journal in order to construct a personal yet user-friendly experience. I also discovered ways in which html code could be obtained through the making of a prototype which may be a future possibility.

What's next for Venture

Venture's prototype has potential to become a real, working app. One way is to use the google open-source UI kit Flutter where the Flutter plugin can be installed in Adobe xd in order to export Dart code. This code can then be used to form a working app on a phone. A feature that could be added to make Venture stand out is a property that can convert the user's journals into printable pdfs. In this way, the physicality of a journal can still be preserved. Although Venture is nothing revolutionary and will not be in the app store anytime soon, it represents the union of the internet age and the need to maintain our gratitude and care for the world.

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