This project was inspired by the idea of growth mindset. We all live busy lives and face obstacles everyday but in the face of a difficult situation we can either rise to the occasion or let our obstacles win.

What it does

Through the use of Google NLP, our app runs analysis on the users text input of how they are feeling and runs analysis on their text to determine if they are thinking positively or negatively. Then they are prompted to change the negative thought into a positive one.

How I built it

We built the app using Swift code,Swift UI kit and designed the logo on adobe illustrator, We used APIs from the Google Cloud Platform such as NLP for text/sentiment analysis.

Challenges I ran into

Having a starting point was difficult since neither one of us was experienced with coding Swift on XCOde. But with perseverance we were able to overcome this challenge and keep going. We also ran into difficulties with using APIs due to the version of Swift not matching. Then we did not have the time to build a server so we had to tweak our idea slightly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

-creating a fully functional iOS application on Swift for the first time -using our creativity to come up with a social impact project -combating each challenge that came our way

What I learned

I learned expect the unexpected since not everything goes as planned. But with a courage you can accomplish anything. I also learned to prioritize.

What's next for Vent

to improve search optimization build traction for the app have an optional Facebook login page in case users want to enter in their information Build the website version of the app

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