The inspiration for the project’s idea comes from a modern paradox: the choice paralysis. It’s not absolutely true that more choices give you more freedom; it could decrease our freedom if we spend so much time trying to make choices. That is specifically true speaking of on-demand movie services. We have conducted surveys among users of on-demand services to understand how they currently navigate the overload of contents and how they make their choices: do they have enough information to make that choice? What are the most relevant information they seek? Do current searching-tools help them with fulfilling their desires of the moment?

What it does

In the Moods Match, the application allows you to collaboratively choose content with your friends through their optimized voting experience. As your friends vote, the application displays real-time information updates while you and friends vote on movies to ensure that you get to your content the fastest.

In our solution we provide users with better tools and better information accessibility to make their decision-making easier and fun. To do so, we have thought of new searching features that better help the users express their desires and preferences. Also, the user experience is improved and through a more user-friendly interface it will possible to access information quickly.

How we built it

We have started from a Value Proposition Canvas (using personal interviews) to figure out what problems users face when navigate an on-demand service, access informations and use searching tools. We have validated the assumptions through interviews and surveys and designed tools that can address these specific problems.


  • themoviedb


  • React
  • MobX
  • Responsive design
  • HammerJs
  • Styled components


  • NodeJs
  • Koa
  • MongoDB

What we learned

We learned that user research really powers a great application experience and brings way to innovation for what matters to the user.

  1. Importance of user research
  2. New cross-disciplinary perspective into technical development | UI/UX design
  3. New technologies
  4. Knowledge about the entertainment field

Challenges we ran into

  • swiping component
  • frontend-backend synchronization
  • inconsistent interface documentation
  • gathering the entire IMDB database
  • understand the requirements of the user
  • Staying focussed under time pressure
  • Meeting expectations from the designers with the developer’s reality

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • sharing state between multiple devices
  • “human-readable” usernames
  • real-time synchronization
  • good team coordination
  • translate user needs in a concrete way
  • well-designed architecture
  • clear & eye-catchy user interface
  • effective team
  • Working application matching closely the design prototypes
  • Morphing a rough idea into reality
  • Embracing a bold & disruptive approach to user interface

What's next for Moods Match

  • More advanced recommendation algorithm
    • connect with existing social media profiles (Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Facebook, ...)
    • use more Machine-Learning for improved recommendations
  • Feature expansion
    • Use-case discovery of movies without a group (single-person)
    • Calendar
    • Suggestions from your friends
    • Include recommendation for songs (party mode)
    • Include trailers for preview
    • Connect with a web player to immediately watch the movie
  • Integration with Elisa movie platform
  • Discover more mood patterns
  • Collect more user data & provide it via APIs to third-parties
  • UX studies
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