Every one that has ever gone wine tasting has had the experience of tasting many great wines only to forget the specifics when their day is done. Varietals is a full service wine concierge service that will not only help you plan your wine tasting adventure but will also track your wine tastings as you go. Everything is centered around you and what you like.

How it works

First the app will help facilitate making an itinerary based to wineries that specialize in the wines you like. It will also help with any additional travel plans you may need to make. When you arrive at the winery and begin your tasting you will have the ability to rate each wine as you try it. Not only can you rate it you can also leave a personalized note about the wine.

Challenges I ran into

Twitter was pretty hard to use. They don't, by default, have any services that let you work with users. You have to create your own against their REST API to do most things user related: Also their latest Fabric SDK is some sort of weird invite only thing which requires plugins in the coder's development setup that requires logging in, a real disaster. The old open source Twitter4J project was a lot better.

The ESRI mapping kit goes a little too deep and could be simplified. Not as easy to use as it could be.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to offer so many features in such a short period of time.

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