Hackathons are an opportunity to use our skills to try and create something useful whilst having fun! Diabetes has been a taxing condition on many! We wanted to create a solution that would help ease this load.

Our inspiration to gamify a Diabetes, Blood Glucose Level tracker came from the famous 'Tamagotchi' - a virtual pet, and how everyone was addicted to it as a child. Tamagotchi is simplistic and very powerful - you want your electronic pet to be fed, happy, and healthy and you care about it more than you actually care about yourself. But what if your pet/spiritual animal makes you look after yourself?

What it does

We started asking the following questions to build a premise of our app:

  • Are you a diabetic patient in emerging countries, lacking in motivation to correctly follow your treatments?
  • Have you ever wanted a virtual spirit animal that motivates you to keep you healthy?

This is now possible with Dia-GO, your Diabetes-amiGO. It is an app that gamifies diabetes-related routines, helping to create healthy habits.

Living with diabetes is an extremely hard job, so not each patient has enough will and motivation to look after themselves. That is why we gamified diabetes-related routines, helping to create healthy habits. A virtual spirit animal that we created is designed to be a patient's partner through the journey, providing support, feedback and insights into healthy lifestyle.

Thanks to Dia-GO, our users will have fun in reaching motivational goals, like regularly tracking blood glucose levels, treatment needs, and daily physical exercises. The app will also register and collect data in order to show in a dashboard the user's weekly and monthly improvements.

Patients receive feedback about the lifestyle choices immediately: blood sugar level tests they make after the lunch will either make their virtual spiritual animal happy and energetic or tired and sad. Virtual pets/spirit animals will encourage users to go for a walk and give a piece of trivia about healthier food options. All in a gentle, fun and a clear way, without complicated medical terms.

Dia-GO will inspire our users in the long run, providing rewards and tools to personalise the spirit animal as well as to get some complimentary checkups to continue keeping their viral spirit animal ans well as themselves, happy and healthy!.

Sharing: Users can always share their success with the family and friends for even more encouragement and support! They can also use this same private circle of friends and family in case of an emergency or when they want a little more motivation to stay fit and healthy.

How we built it

We have developed our app with our audience in mind! The app is designed and built to be lean and to maximise its offline functionality. One of the points we would like to highlight is that iOS is used for demo only because it is the presenter's device and our app is hybrid and runs on both Android and iOS.

And most importantly, built with love and compassion!

Challenges we ran into

Making a game out of such a serious topic is not an easy task. We tried to balance long-term and short-term rewarding systems in a way that even if BSL today isn't great and instant feedback is negative, our user would still get long-term bonus points: with them, we reward overall self-improvement aspiration.

Putting the app together :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Designing and developing an app within the timeframe with a diverse team, completely oblivion of each other's existence, until this Hackathon!

What we learned

We realise that being a diabetic can cause unnecessary stress to the person and their loved ones. The constant relay of numbers can take a toll on one's mental health. With Dia-GO, we hope that we can bring some fun while we take care of the Dia-GO family :)

What's next for Dia-GO

The potential of Dia-GO is huge! We could develop the following systems beyond the prototype phase:

  • Rewards
  • Emergency communication
  • Seasonal and festive events
  • More challenges!

And a special shout-out to HackZurich, Accenture and Roche! Hey, Roche, let's bring this app to the world! One bit and one blood sugar reading at a time :)

Thank you.

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