To beat covid-19, Vaccination is going all around the world. In India vaccination is being carried at a great pace at . But unfortunately, getting a slot for your jab is tough, as they quickly fill out.

So I thought of an hack that can notify users when vaccine slots is available in their location.

cowin website

All booked :( 😔

What it does

  1. Users can visit vaccinator and see Slot for current day or Create an alert.
  2. Users can create alert for their location & contact details
  3. The application everday , for each users calls vaccine availabilty api and curates the information , creates a message in HTML and send it in form of email & sms.

How I built it provides different APIs to request vaccination data, one of them is appointment availabilty
api response

Challenges I ran into

Populating States & districts dropdown. Gov has set their own ids for each state & district which needs to called using an api. scheduling to run python script everyday Accomplishments that we're proud of I Jumped with joy when I recieved the generated email & sms What we learned I learned a lot, brushed up my python, learned sending email, HTML in email, sms using twilio. worked a lot with json. What's next for Vaccinator currently Im using basic smtp with gmail so the emails are limited to 1000/day & im using a Twillio trial account :( I would like the hack to help everyone who got tired of checking vaccine slots all day. That's what is hacking all about, making our life easier.

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