As former vinyl DJ's and breakdancers, hip hop has been a long time influence on our team. A major component of hip hop culture is the battles, the tests of skill that force DJ's, breakdancers and MC's to express their talents under pressure. These battles serve as a form of meritocracy by directly placing artists head to head with little choice but to display their abilities, essentially their proof of work as the best in class can only be achieved by expending energy on dedicated practice. We thought a dance battle would be an entertaining, memorable and meaningful way to compare and contrast Bitcoin with the dollar. We hope the video will plant more seeds and draw up more curiosity about Bitcoin and money in general.

The video was shot on a midtown Manhattan rooftop and features Daniel Ching as Bitcoin and Adam Shuty as the dollar. Daniel is based in New York and is a graduate of the dance program at the Juilliard school. He has a background in ballet and modern dance as well as breakdancing. Adam is an actor, personal trainer and martial artist also based in New York. The video was produced, directed, shot and edited by Christopher Arcella in a collaboration with Daniel Mross, the producer and star of the documentary feature The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin. Christopher and Daniel are also collaborating on an educational narrative feature film currently in pre-production entitled The Bitcoin Executor.

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