After a night out with friends, you want to head home but you're feeling lazy or aren't currently in a good condition to do it manually. That's why why decided to simplify the process so that within two gestures, you'll be on your way home hassle-free.

What it does

The simplistic design of this application is all part of streamlining the Uber experience for the users to make it as easy as possible to get to your home location safe and sound. Once the app detects you're outside your house after a time that you set, you can swipe to call an uber to your current location from your home screen.

How we built it

In addition to using Xcode and swift, this application makes use of the Uber sdk for ios to request rides and the authentication process to minimize redundant form-filling.

Challenges we ran into

With the new release of Swift 3.0, many of the dependencies did not have enough time for compatibility patches which made it very difficult to write legacy code in the new Xcode which also had a rather convoluted way of compiling in Legacy code. However, once we figured out how to change this option for the duration of this project, it made development much much easier.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Managing to merge all of the different modules of this project to work with as little screen taps as possible. In addition, without the slightly modified GPS tracking technology, it would not be possible to make the app as independent as it currently is.

What we learned

How to write and compile Legacy Swift code in the most recent distribution of Xcode and how to fully integrate most uber sdk features in an independent application.

What's next for UrChaperone

Yelp integration for more accurate tracking and smarter suggestions for when to go home.

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