We considered different tracks, and we were inspired by preparation and a detailed outline by UPM Track. Their representatives were quite helpful in understanding their business, and their current problems. On the personal level, Habib being entrepreneur wanted to tap into his potential as a leader. Stanislav inspiration was to meet like minded people and brainstorm on new project. Boris and Volodymyr both were looking to try something new and revel in the sensation of stretching beyond their comfort zone.

What it does

UPM Tracker

  • Dashboard Screen: Gives an overview of current On the road and Delayed Shipments with a map view. User can also search different shipments based on country, order, reel, machine.
  • Shipment Screen: User can go through all kind of shipments, i.e. Schedule to ship, on the road, delayed, and completed
  • Carrier Screen: See different categories of carriers based on their status such as On the road, with the tracker, without tracker
  • Shipment Reports: User can browse through completion report of different shipments.
  • Settings: User can change the shipment record interval, you can reconfigure GPS-GSM device data interval to get more accurate location of the shipment truck.

UPM Customer Care

  • Technical person can scan the Reel ID with a mobile application while visiting customer.
  • He can see the following information about Reel on the mobile, and communicate with concern parties if needed: Reel ID, Stock Origin, Order Number, Order Line, Machines Reel IDs, Factory ID, Classification History, Quality Matrics from Lab, Production Grade, Delivery Service Provider, Related Customer Complains based on Reel ID,

How we built it

System Design We developed the design which considers the shipment tracking, and customer care during the visit of technical persons. You can find the screen shots in the attachments**

Cost Benefit & Competitors Analysis We analyze Transporium and Flexport system, their prices, and business model. Later we perform detailed cost benefit analysis, taking the device prices from and data packages prices from DNA Oy.

Hardware Selection (GPS-GSM Tracker) UPM requirement to track the shipment once it leaves the factory/warehouse premises.

Integrating hardware with Server We developed an android app which converted our mobile phone as GSM-GPS transmitter and integrated it with bluemix database.

Developing the Dashboard We made a basic dashboard screen which displays google map, and On the road shipment order.

Testing the system We integrated the application with mobile application, and feed real time data into Dashboard screen.

Challenges we ran into

Design Challenge

  • Focusing on one key challenge from UPM, as they were overlapping with each other.
  • Finding the exact requirements, UPM track is looking for.
  • Figuring out iot based solution, where UPS's doesn't have to beer too much of the cost.

Technical Challenges

  • Figuring out need of tracking, and applicable technology (GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy, GSM, RFID, NFC, Barcode)
  • Connecting Yepzon GSM-GPS device with Server
  • Integrating MQTT Broker with Bluemix
  • Debugging Bluetooth Low Energy Scanner, and GPS Tracker on Android

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Cost Benefit analysis: UPM can save upto 6 Million Euro yearly, if they track their shipment.
  • Competitor Analysis: We looked into most relevant competitors Transporium ($29 per vehicle per month), and Flexport. We learn their operation model, business model, and the value they provide.
  • UPM Tracker UI will provide all basic requirement to track the shipment in all stages i.e. before, on the road, and after the completion.
  • UPM Customer Care Mobile Application The UI of application is easily understandable and fulfil UPM's basic requirements.
  • GPS-GSM App Converting our personal mobile to GPS-GSM device to give a small demo

What we learned

Designing a new project based on UPM requirements UPM Paper Shipment Requirements, Connecting Database with Bluemix Developing a quick GPS-GSM Tracker

What's next for UPMTracker

  • Integration of UPM Tracker with Salesforce
  • Buy different GSM-GPS Devices and test with the system
  • Redesign the architecture to update the data from salesforce
  • Develop the UPM Customer Care Mobile Application and test it with Technical Sales Person
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