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There are many times when we need something but we just don't have the time (or the care) to go get it. Whether it's too cold out to go grab a coffee from Timmies or you're in the midst of finals season and don't have time to take your eyes off the books, sometimes you need someone to go just grab something for you. Introducing UnimApp: making helping easy! Inspired by the relatively useless tasks that NPCs give you in MMORPGs, our MLH LHD 2017 project allows YOU to be the NPC assigning menial tasks for rewards.

What it does

UnimApp allows users to gain real rewards by completing tasks listed by the community. Creating a request is as simple as filling out a form within the app. This request is then saved onto the cloud, awaiting another user to accept the request and come to your aid.

How we built it

The backend was built in Python using a Flask server. The frontend was built using Java in Android studio.

Challenges we ran into

Getting user location and understanding how to use the geolocation API was one of the toughest parts of the project.

Communication between the server and the app.

As freshmen, we are constrained by our limited experience however, we were still able to overcome unexpected bugs we have never encountered before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything. This was a complex and frustrating project but it was incredibly rewarding.

What we learned

We learned more about development using Flask, Android development, and geolocation.

What's next for UnimApp

Due to the time constraints of the hackathon, we missed out on a couple of tweaks that would have made our hack even better. For example, adding user authentication, logging quests completed, and overall user experience tweaks are the first of many steps. Moving on we would like to make a full build of this application with its own dedicated servers and launch it worldwide.

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