What are ways to successfully incorporate AR in classroom learning and make it accessible for all?

I wanted to create a lens that targets classroom education in a fun, visually engaging and interactive way. The lens is inspired by marine life, and one of the endangered species - Sea Turtles. It contains visual interpretations of the textual facts which can be a good way to educate students and translates lengthy textbook paragraphs to a more comprehensive experience. Source: link

What it does

To begin the experience the user needs to activate and give permissions for Voice Control. By saying the numbers “One”, “Two” and “Tree” at different times you can trigger each stage of the lens experience around the Green Sea Turtle.

Stage One Takes you through facts about the interlink between Sea Turtles and coral reefs within sea beds. This stage uses world mesh to instantiate corals and foliage on the surface. Stage Two Shows the implications of climate change, this stage uses simple tweens and screen transform. Stage Three This triggers tween and multiple 3D models of the hatchlings, students can walk close to them to understand their structure and differentiate between different species of sea turtles.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I’m really excited about how visually engaging and fun the experience turned out. It provides a more holistic and staged experience. This was also my first time using Voice commands which tied in seamlessly with the overall learning.

What we learned

Voice commands and how to trigger actions or behaviors using keywords. More in-depth functioning of VFX within Lens Studio and Draco compression makes everything more fun!

What's next for Under the Sea

For this lens I would like to incorporate language translations for it to be more inclusive. And create a version for Next Gen Spectacles (2021). Create a series of lenses focusing on varied subject matters or facts. Further release a lens which packs in all the information of the various lenses which could act as a directory. Teachers, parents and students can then go on to pick a topic to start the individual experience from anywhere.

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