Our group was inspired by the hypocritical sustainability initiatives by leading fashion brands. New stores continue to crop up throughout the world. How is such rapid growth sustainable? We sought to answer this question.

What it does

(UN)AMERICAN APPAREL defines the fast fashion as its tragic nature and highlights the eventual incompatibility of sustainability and growth - all growth must reach a cap. Using sustainability reports by leading fashion brands and our own case study on H&M, we explain how fast fashion brands manage to operate thousands of stores worldwide while increasing their yearly profit.

How we built it

This visual essay is hosted on Wix. Data used was extracted using python text scrapers, manipulated using pandas, imported using CSV's, visualized using google charts API and tableau, and drawn up using illustrator.

Challenges we ran into

Companies are not transparent. Many pieces of data we felt were essential to exposing leading fashion brands were buried in convoluted sustainability reports or were incorrect when presented (addresses for manufacturing plants abroad claimed to have correct addresses affiliated, but could not be translated to real X Y coordinates).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our project tells our story on multiple levels. We are proud of the storyboarding prior to starting the website in order to ensure a fluid connection of ideas and data for the reader. Our color palette allows for juxtaposition and distinction between different topics, such as the transition between the fashion industry and the specific H&M case study. Our data visualizations speak boldly for themselves while allowing an accompanying blurb to act as supplementary guidance for our reader.

What we learned

As with any interaction with computer science, our conceptual understanding and muscle memory of the programming languages used improved. More importantly, we learned about many tragedies that are difficult to impossible to avoid in our daily lives - such as wage disparity and slavery.

What's next for (UN)AMERICAN APPAREL

We hope to contribute to a movement of personal consciousness and sensitivity.

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