We have made the Between challenge: " Smartlocation to save lives Virtually every person has a smartphone with GPS technology which can be a very useful tool to save lives in emergency situations. We want to see what comes to mind to the hack-teams using the geolocation of smartphones,to save lives in emergency situations. We could have a mobile application with which the victim of a catastrophe can activate its location so that emergency services can track where most people are, and see the state they are: safe>green, red>at risk. In this way, they can be directed to the most affected areas by analyzing all these data from a web-control panel. We would like that between victim and emergency service a communication could be established through a live chat service. And for us, it’s also important have a live geolocation service.Teams, it’s up to you! You can guide the project as you want. In the example, we used a natural disaster, but you can develop it for many other cases where geolocation helps potentially save lives. It is important that all your proposals can work well in a busy peak due to a major emergency. We would be interested to see the use of Android and/or iOS, WebApps, backend, JavaScript, etc."

What it does

We use the DBSCAN algorithm to make clusters from the alerts sent by the clients. This allow us to put in the same groups the alerts that comes from the same cause. With the cluster size, we can know the magnitude of a dissaster alert.

Furthermore, we developed an Android application that monitors the ubication of the user every 5 seconds. It sends the location to the server with its state (safe or at risk). This application run in the background as a service.

As a admin tool , we have developed a simplre web app that shows the location of all users using the OpenStreetMap base.

How we built it

Using Android (Mobile app)

JavaScript (FrontEnd)

Python (BackEnd)

Challenges we ran into

Join all the technologies involved in this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Join all the technologies involved in this project.

What we learned

Clustering and Python

What's next for uCode Cluster

Make it a commercial tool.

Built With

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