Tweetbunch is part of a broader project called Mermedata that aims to provide a wide variety of very easy to use fully API compliant services at a very low price. The project started as lending a hand to a group of journalism students who didn't have the money to pay for a full Twitter analytics SaaS and didn't have the minimum knowledge to improvise some coding themselves nor use some of existing solutions. They needed to spend as much time possible with raw data. A simple python code turned into a beautiful presentation and the presentation into a website that will continue to grow based on users feedback.

What it does

It gives you an immediate and simple access to raw and untouched twitter data by account or by tweet. It gives transparency to the user that there is no calculation, filter or algorithm affecting the result. Download is one click away after query and the service is free or cheap if you want unlimited queries.

How we built it

We wanted to have an App that is Twitter server friendly and that teaches students and analyst a responsible way for data extraction. Every single feature aims to simplicity and speed while being sure what the end result will look like. We will continue to expand its features only based on client feedback and avoid any attempt to pre-process results. A lot of Adobe Illustrator, PHP and Angular. Nothing fancy.

Challenges we ran into

API 1.0 responsiveness and stability was an issue, but with API 2.0 we were not only able to expand our posibilites, most of our code became simpler, shorter and more efficient. The other challenges were more about simplifying screens constantly and cutting what was not adding any value.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We started without knowing how to code and it helped us reach a point where we can dream of completing Mermedata (the bigger project) before year end. Originally planned for 2025.

What we learned

That it is better to spend most of your time learning what is the most efficient and simple way to get your goal instead of doing a code collage of 10-20 developers from GitHub.

What's next for Tweetbunch - twitter data made super simple and cheap.

Becoming where we will be:

  • Adding all the most important data websites in the world with a similar easy-to-scrape fully API or allowed scraping compliant
  • Allow users to suggest and monetize their own excel files ready to ingest downloads
  • Use part of our revenues to support social causes. We believe that the future is socially inclusive and data instensive.
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