We had the feeling something was still missing in our Turuglobal ecosystem something that would link all our modules together into one strong foundation. The solution for this can be found in TuruFi which in the future will be the one stop shop for our investors to get a overview and participate in our ecosystem.

What it does

TuruFi as stated will fill in the missing link in our ecosystem. Our initial rollout will make our users able to stake their TURU and gain monthly USDT. After this it will be expanded into more Defi products like for example the possibility to earn passive income from other chains without even leaving the TRON blockchain. Turuglobal can offer this by the nodes we run on certain chains and can offer our investors an additional revenue stream.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge during this hackathon is TIME . As everyone is aware development take allot of just that . Our dev team is working round the clock to get our initial rollout deployed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The flexibility and ambition of our team member to make this a succes !

What we learned

Don't overthink , the most simple ideas are usually the best ones .

What's next for TuruFi

Once the hackathon is finished and we have completed our initial rollout as stated above TuruFi will stay under active development to hunt for the best passive income for our investors.

Built With

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posted an update

Time for another update on the state of Turufi.

Upon the completion of our first contract we are slowly entering our next phase . Which consist about testing testing and testing ! To make sure our users get the best possible experience we can offer.

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posted an update

A little update on how Turufi is evolving .

Our initial stage consisted about brainstorming and outlining the different ideas for Turufi. At this point we have entered our next stage with our first Turufi contract in active development.

With turufi we will connect the missing dots in the Turuglobal ecosystem. Which makes it easier for people to interact with any of our modules.

Stay tuned for more updates .

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