After the decision of imposing curfews in Tunisia at an early hour 06:00 pm, we think that people still need help because some of them need to get their affairs in order. Therefore, we proposed to create this Web App to help them and make easy contact with volunteer who will provide them with services.

What it does

Our Web App connects people in Tunisia who are aware of the consequences of COVID-19 and unable to leave their homes with nearby volunteers. Throughout this Web App, we will limit the number of people who will go out of their home, thereby reducing the rapid spread of the virus.

How I built it

Peer production

Challenges I ran into

The main challenges we face are:

  • Difficulty of spreading the idea.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of this application because it was popular, even if not totally, but at least there is a participation that makes you proud that you are part of this volunteer effort.

What I learned

that small things could make a big difference. Staying at home and using our Web App will help us to limit the consequences of the virus as well as reduce the number of people dying.

What's next for Tunisia Covid-19 Volunteers Platform

Stay at home and using our Web App, you will stay safe...

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