Inspiration Electricity generation plants account for 40% of greenhouse gas emissions. A clean energy transition could lower the US fossil fuel bill by $700 billion/y and create 1 million jobs by 2024. Even with all of the clear use cases for renewable energy, it only accounts for 12.2% of generation in the US.

What it does TreeVest is an exchange that enables energy companies to securitize physical clean energy assets (think wind farms, solar farms, etc). Our exchange lets these companies sell shares/equity from these multi-billion dollar clean energy projects to consumer investors. The ability to do this would solve the liquidity and growth issues surrounding utilities. Additionally it provides a social - friendly - approach to impact investing with low barriers to entry for consumers.

How we built it The TreeVest web platform is built using HTML, CSS, VBA and BootStrap 4. Our mobile application framework was developed through Adobe XD (with phone based prototype).

Challenges we ran into Ideation and finding an applicable solution for such a huge issue. We had to constantly juggle revenue models while at the same having a strict fidelity to the theme and our impact.

Accomplishments that we're proud of Navigating an industry that is lesser known and explored in the tech industry. We are very proud of sticking so closely to the theme and our value proposition(s).

What we learned Throughout the project, our team broadened our tech-stack with exposure to new languages, tools, and platforms. We found that by staying laser focused on the problems and our use case helped our team to work efficiently.

What's next for TreeVest TreeVest is one of the worlds first socially responsible investing platform. With our very unique securitization of illiquid assets, we believe that there is room to grow on an enterprise facing solution in FinTech. Our next steps are to fully develop our exchange, mobile app, and get utility and energy companies on in the alpha stage.

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