We got the inspiration from exploratory inquiry. We found out, that it is often a problem for travellers to plan a trip without using a lot of hours on it. And it can be very confusing to figure out where the attractions is placed, and where the nearest hotel is.

What it does:

An app plan your trip, the only thing you have to do, is to pick out what attractions you want to visit. Then the app plan a route, and reserve a ticket to the attractions. When you get to the attractions you only need to scan your finger on a screen, and then you can explore the attraction.

How we built it:

The system is composed of three seperate code bases - one server and two clients. We use a server written in Flask and deployed on Google Cloud to handle the backend (user authentication, storing attractions and making reservations and payments through Mobilepay). We made the user client in React, that gets attractions and login information from the server using REST, and uses the Google Maps api to display the route between different attractions. We made another client, that's supposed to work as a terminal for attractions, where the user can scan their RFID and pay seamlessly through Mobilepay. This client works as a python program deployed on a Raspberry Pi, that uses an Arduino to interface with an RFID scanner.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge our team ran into was not being able to get a fingerprint scanner. We tackled this challenge by designing the system as if it used fingerprint hardware, but on the hardware side using 'the next best thing', which was RFID.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team is composed of members with different educational backgrounds. During the hackathon, each of us worked on separate projects. Despite this, we've managed to make a whole product, where each component is integrated seamlessly into the rest.

Specifically for the coders, each of us worked on different projects (the clients and the server). Despite being short on time, we've managed to make the three solutions communicate with each other.

What we learned

Karl: Writing a Flask application. I learned how to built software together synergised. Simone: how to control dataloger :D no, I learned how to built a full stack solution with custom hardware interface Thomas: Writing a Flask application. I learned how to built software together synergised. Marius: How to make a REST-based hardware terminal, using the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino.

What's next for Travellust

Thomas: Bring it to life!

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