A constant headache over planning where to travel on holidays. There are many destinations all over the world but how to decide where to go in the end. Offering a personalized service is a must in all of today's markets. Music moves people on an emotional level so why not also geographically.

What does it do

Travelife makes a decision for your next travel based on your musical preferences and your favorite artists. It recommends destinations from all over the world based on where is your favorite artist performing next.

How we built it

Ruby on rails for the back end, which includes web server and retrieving from Finnair. React for the front end.

Challenges we ran into

Our own time limitations were a big challenge. We had to arrive late on the first day and leave early on the last day which put extra pressure on the challenge at hand. Our specific use case required usage of the API that was slightly outside the usual, hence we had to query the API quite a few times which causes some issues with the loading time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have an idea that we are happy with. We would definitely like to keep developing the idea to the point that it could fulfill its full potential. We also managed to create a modern and user-friendly layout for the site.

What we learned

Research possible problematic parts (such as api access) earlier to make sure they pose no issues.

What's next for Travelife

Next step for Travellife would be integrating other personal preferences in the recommendations. Things such as your previous travels or on your wishlist on some social media platform. Travellife could also recommend more destinations creating a personalized route all over the world based on your budget and given time.

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