Virgin Airlines has an Upper Class experience which includes a chauffeur service. We love the idea of chaining services together into a full-package product for an affordable price. We thought it would be super cool to create a first class experience for businesses on a budget. After all, everyone deserves a first-class experience!

What it does

Travel Pack Club is full-package product for business travellers. The bookings are facilitated using an powered Slackbot. The budget is chosen by a project manager and travel is booked by the employees of the company by talking to the Slackbot.

How we built it

We used Expedia to find flights and Hotels, Uber to deliver the car service, Esri for the location data and maps images, for the web front end and hosting, .club for the domain, we used to power the Artificially intelligent Slackbot (built with slack), Firebase is our database for storing user data, Node Red to develop the backend.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted or even but it was a $5,000 URL! This morning we found that the .club domain wasn't resolving. We encountered some issues debugging the handling of webhooks from API services. And finally,our hotel had a "tidiness issue" so we had to change hotels in the middle of the second day! We're staying in a much better place now :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've been working as a team for a number of Hackathons and we're proud of our process for delivering fullstack products in a matter of days. For this one, it there were a lot of great sponsors so coming up with a complex product as we have was actually easy to think of!

What we learned

We learned how to use in a better way. Though we've been interested in this platform, we haven't sat down with it. We think it's a great A.I. engine for our uses and will probably use it in other products we build in the future!

What's next for Travel Pack Club

I guess we'd like to see if the brand sticks, though it is clear to us that or might be an easier to remember brand and was of course our first choice. Though given the devices available to us, Travel Pack Club was a good fit. It may be a good brand, however, we are aware there is currently a Travelpack. So perhaps there is an opportunity to sell this functionality directly to! Then again, their brand has no representation in the USA. So there is that!

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