The TransCore challenge was centred around avoiding location-based fraud and streamlining the machine restriction/resolving process. Our approach was inspired in part by the design thinking process and the idea of treating root causes instead of symptoms. TransCore presented a complex challenge with many stakeholders to consider. Our diverse and interdisciplinary team spent the next few hours focusing on problem-finding and interviewing TransCore reps to figure out exactly what we were going to work on.

What it does

Our proposed solution shifted TransCore's product from being location-based to user-based. The user pays a certain amount per month to unlock a certain number of transactions, with there being different pricing tiers pertaining to different usage levels. This allows users to be flexible with their locations while still ensuring the product is fair to both TransCore and its users. To address security breach concerns, we implemented a two-factor authentification system which ensures that only one log-in per user is allowed at any given time. By taking the time to understand what TransCore and its customers truly need, we behaviourally disincentivized location-based fraud by removing the license's dependency on location. Additionally, if a user were engaging in fraudulent behaviour, there would be a spike in their number of transactions, allowing TransCore to monitor and engage in productive action.

How we built it

To take our idea to prototype, we decided to build a web app using javascript and html. We wireframed our user transactions using inVision and Illustrator. We also used a whole bunch of whiteboard markers to brainstorm out multiple different product systems!

Challenges we ran into

We had to learn A TON on the go! Since none of our team members knew each other before the hackathon, it was a challenge to learn each others' strengths and teamwork style on such a short timeframe. Again, our team was quite interdisciplinary, so many of us lacked coding skills too!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of having spent a lot of time understanding the problem, designing a solution we were happy to back, and then actually building a functional (although rough) prototype. We also made some new friends!

What we learned

We definitely learned some fancy coding stuff that we didn't know before. We also learned how to effectively communicate with and understand virtual strangers to build a common vision in a very short time frame!

What's next for TransCore_Subscription Plan

The product is functional for the individual test cases but needs to be expanded to integrate them into a product.

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