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TrackYourBed is an application for hospital bed capacity tracking and is meant to be implemented in all areas of the healthcare system. Bed capacities can be entered either manually or scanned from a bed via a QR-code. The aim is to establish a standardized system for recording bed availability for both Covid-19, intensive care, and standard wards.

The concept originated from the government sponsored WirVsVirus-Hackathon, which took place 20-22 March 2020. This application is currently being developed.


Currently there is no uniform system in many countries for the recording and displaying of bed capacity. This leads to inaccurate and delayed reports of bed availability, which is particularly critical during extreme situations , as the Covid-19 one. TrackYourBed is intended to simplify both the data transmission as well as the presentation of bed capacity in a uniform overview.

How will this work?

The data will be automatically transmitted so that bed capacities can be displayed in real time. We would like to implement a QR code based data collection application for clinical bed capacity. For a given hospital ward this would simply entail scanning the QR-code and selecting either “available” or “occupied”. When mobile devices are unavailable, recording can be done manually on a desktop PC. Accordingly, this would require minimal modification to existing hospital IT infrastructure.

This central data procurement and processing platform is meant to help control centers, hospitals, and other institutions, by replacing different recording systems and countless phone calls with a uniform, real-time display of national bed capacity.

Application functionality

A quick and practical recording of bed capacity in routine ward work with automatic data transmission. An overview of all hospitals with the display of bed capacity in actual numbers. The overview can be displayed via a list or map. ◦ This is customizable to the needs of the individual institutions (e.g. radius search) A search function for bed vacancies according to bed type, specialist/ward, and potential for Covid-19 patient treatment. ◦ This should enable patients to be assigned quickly to available beds. Open interface for third party API to bundle data and create a unified system. Access is only possible after personal registration and validation. Independent registration is not possible and patient-related data will not be saved.

What’s new?

No stop light charts. Instead the recording and displaying of the actual bed capacity and availability. Subdivision by specialist/ward, bed type, and possibility of accommodating Covid-19 patients QR code based occupancy and availability of beds for simple intra-clinic use and automated data transmission in real time.
Uniform overview of federal and state levels, as well as overviews according to an individually selected radius.

Third party API & Institutions

Through our open API for third-party providers, we want to bundle data and create a common synergy. The ad-hoc solution is an easy-to-use QR-Code based system provided by a team of Toyota London, which is also involved in the hackathon. The long-term solution will be provided by our project TrackYourBed. Both projects are already cooperating. We are currently in close contact with SAP, rescuetrack and Software AG, as well as initial contact with the RKI. We are open to further collaborations, such as with the DIVI intensive care registry and could even provide push services upon request.

We have accomplished the following since we started on March 20th:

  • Developed a Backend with a database, the unit tests of which are in progress.
  • Furthermore we developed a prototype for an API and a concept for authentication
  • developed a Frontend based on React with Typescript and partially connected it to the Backend. Functions like creating, editing and deleting new beds, departments, and wards are already working.
  • The authentication process for JWT-Auth is prepared for connection to the Backend.
  • Created our own Website (trackyourbed.org) in different languages.
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