Our vision is to bring more transparency to the food industry and streghten trust between customers and retailers. By showing the distance travelled by the product, we want to encourage customers to support local producers and act more environmentally friendly. Inspired by the Lidl challenge at foodhacks 2016 we wanted to create a unique user experience and improve customer relationship.

What it does

Trace your food lets you see the whole supply chain of the product you scanned. It also provides extra information about the variety, country of origin and distance travelled. You scan a QR - code on a desired product and are directed to a map where you can see its journey.

How we built it

The web app is based on a Mapbox.js map displaying some sample GeoJSON data. It furthermore uses jQuery and the Semantic UI framework.

Challenges we ran into

We could hardly find any constistent GPS data regarding the supply chain of food products. On the one hand that information is often keeped as a company secret and therefore not publicly accessible, and on the other hand even the suppliers sometimes don't know every party of the supply chain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a functioning prototype of a web app that runs on both mobile and desktop devices. Furthermore, we invested a lot of time thinking about good ways to present the possibility of a supply chain visualization to customers.

What we learned

Supply chains are a quite intransparent field. We learned how to work with the Mapbox.js library.

Business potential

With Trace Your Food, grocery stores are able to optimize the routes of the whole supply chain, to deliver the freshest food. We believe that the success of trace your food is brought by the unique user experience, leading to a stronger relationship between vendor and customer. Especially products with a well documented story like, fairtrade certified products, are well suited for introducing this technology.

What's next for TraceYourFood

  • Improve the web-app and make it possible to gather all the GPS coordinates through the whole supply chain.
  • Implement a module that can be used on online shops to display the supply chain (i.e. the Lidl online shop or Hellofresh).
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