In the small scale fisheries, data sometimes un-managed well, recorded using paper, lack of reliability. This solution is option to solve challenge small scale fisheries located in remote area which is lack of technology and internet infrastructure, poor internet connection providing quickly and easily capture data more efficient, better record keeping, more accurate data.

What it does

Traceability solution to solve challenge data capture application for vessel captains, data entry validation and interoperability and data exchange between traceability systems.

How I built it

Learning from problems in the field, build solutions matched with lack internet infrastructure, by combining android apps, qr code and C# desktop application

Challenges I ran into

  • Data Entry Validation
  • Data Capture Application for Vessel Captains
  • Interoperability and Data Exchange between Traceability Systems

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Exchange data between 2 different system framework, QR Code information result, avoiding human error in entry data, output file to use for interoperability with another systems, user friendly applications

What I learned

  • Interoperability between 2 traceability systems, data entry validation and data capture applications
  • Better record keeping and accurate data.

What's next for Traceability_Solution_for_Small_Scale_Fisheries

  • Interoperability with any other solutions such as pulled data into blockchain network
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