As college students who struggle with parking in a university daily, we knew this was an important issue because bad parking experiences ultimately jeopardize the whole driving experience. Hence, providing real-time parking suggestions adds the final touch and ensures a smooth end-to-end driving experience. As new drivers, we have also had to face car issues and at times have felt uncertain about how to perform the procedures to get them fixed. So, we created features to humanize the driving experience by providing on-site virtual support for car issues and connecting Toyota drivers.

What it does

The Toyota Enhanced Experience is a combination of three key features designed to improve the end-to-end driving experience by assisting drivers with parking and vehicle maintenance and giving them the ability to contact others if they are in need of quick assistance. The parking advisor is designed to assist drivers with finding parking in crowded urban areas and large campuses where parking is limited. Drivers can choose to find parking lots at any point during their commute, or they will be prompted to select a parking lot when they are within a few minutes of their destination. They are presented with information about the estimated time of arrival, parking cost, and parking availability for each parking lot so that they can make an informed decision. This feature utilizes the data that is already being collected from Toyota’s integrated navigation database, combined with anonymous prompts asking users if a lot is full. Like the rest of Toyota’s navigation software, these screens can be navigated using the integrated voice assistant by speaking the name of the button prompts. The virtual troubleshooting manual is designed to assist new drivers who may not be familiar with performing maintenance on vehicles. This feature provides a list of common issues, basic information about each procedure, and a step-by-step guide to performing the operation if it is safe to do so. This also includes a troubleshooting feature, which allows users to diagnose the cause of any abnormal vehicle behaviors by listing all issues they are facing. The peer-based roadside assistance feature allows drivers to alert nearby internet-connected Toyota drivers if they are in need of quick immediate assistance such as starting the car or replacing a tire. The driver can designate the price they are willing to pay for assistance and what procedure they need help with. The prompt that appears for nearby drivers will display how far away the vehicle is, and the amount that they will be compensated for their service. When a nearby driver accepts the request, their car will automatically navigate to the other vehicle’s location.

How we built it

We began by creating a few sketches where we ideated the general look and experience of the features we wanted to incorporate. Then we moved to Figma and began building low-fidelity prototypes which we refined over time to become a functional high-fidelity prototypes.

Challenges we ran into

We weren't able to demonstrate all the features as seamlessly as we would've liked due to restrictions with Figma prototyping. As a result, our prototype contains a couple of extra buttons that wouldn’t exist if it were to be implemented in real life. However, for the sake of testers being able to follow our flow we had to include the buttons.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud of being able to find solutions to a unique yet essential problem space that needs to be addressed to improve the end-to-end driving experience. We are repurposing existing map technology to apply it in a new problem space - parking. Hence, our solutions are built from existing Toyota systems hence the implementation is budget-friendly and user-friendly - two main factors of successful companies.

What we learned

We learned that committing to a project and letting it be the sole focus for a period of time with the help of collaborating can be extremely effective in ideation, implementation, and inspiring creativity.

What's next for Toyota Enhanced Experience

We will continue to improve the product using usability testing and other means to ensure that the experience reflects the users' needs and business goals.

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