Our group thought about college students, who often experience the problem of needing to sell their items quickly, especially when moving out within a small time frame. So, we believe that a dynamic marketplace would be a great way to alleviate the problem.

What it does

Sellers will input information about items they want to sell, including when they should have it gone by (latest move out day). The sellers will also include an upper and lower bound of the accepted price range. Following that, our application will use an algorithm that calculates the listing price each day between the day it's posted and the expired date. Each day, the price will decrease accordingly.

How we built it

This is an Android application. The IDE used is Android Studio. The main programming language used is Java. We also utilized design applications such as Figma and Adobe illustrator to make the different screens of the application as well as icons and logos. We utilize Google Cloud Firestore as our database server and used Capital One's API for transaction processing.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we ran into include:

  • Learning how to use the Firestore database
  • Taking an image from the phone camera, compress it, and convert it to a variable that could be put into the database.
  • Creating a simple and easy to use UI.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The first hackathon project with all the main features included.
  • Exploring different APIs being used by companies in multiple industries.

What we learned

  • Learning how to use a new database
  • Learning how to prioritize feature development

What's next for TossIt

  • Incorporate machine learning in the process of decreasing prices
  • Incorporate automatic purchase upon price match from machine learning data
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