One way to exclude boredom from your life is cartoons. We got inspired by various streaming platforms. We saw that there's nothing for kids to watch and also some of these shows are underrated but teach children some values and moral lessons. When you'll look at the content of our website then you'll find that most of them are old toons! This is because of the moral values they teach through the medium of entertainment!

What it does

Us being beginners, started out confused about the main idea of our project. But eventually, with team efforts, we decided to make a streaming platform where we would stream cartoons, anime and series.

How we built it

Firstly, we created a flow chart of basic functionality of Toonstream. Then we created the layout of the platform and started designing its components such as thumbnails, posters, background using vector and graphic designing with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Then we looked up the basic plot of every toon and then we added it’s characters,ratings and much more details. Then we started the biggest part of our project “The Web Development “. Our web development team started playing with code in HTML and CSS with the help of Visual studio code platform and started developing web pages by editing, coding, designing ,and many more things. We jotted our website from webpage to webpage and ended up making a streaming platform- Our very first Hackathon Project!

Challenges we ran into

Yes, it was challenging because this time the theme was a little abstract so we discussed a lot about how to come up with an idea and how we should implement it. Some challenges we faced and overcame: Sometimes we got bugs while running the code, sometimes the images in web pages didn’t get enough space, sometimes the plot and content were larger. But we worked upon all these and overcame them and built - Our very first Hackathon Project!

What we learned

We have learned how to work in unity and how important it is to make strategy work so that work is distributed equally among all the team members. Also, we explored many things while surfing the Internet and helped each other whenever any of us got stuck. We learned how to make a shorthand project as it is our first hackathon so it gave us various experiences and proved to be a challenging one.We tried to manage time effectively so that we can enjoy the whole process rather than getting exhausted.

What's next for ToonStream

We will further develop the project and will make it interactive , user-friendly and easy to use toon streaming platform for all age groups.

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