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Om's Birthday Present.

Checkout complete video at

Its 24th August, Om's Birthday. So we planned to send him very special gift using Tokeniz, Our custom made NFT, with a .gif file I made myself, and a special message.

Plus for it to not look cheap, We would like to throw in and lock some wETH with the NFT, and voila now its a great gift

But, we still have a problem, he is new to crypto and we don't want him to go fetching for faucets for initial transaction fee. So we thow in a matic for him to get started.

And then we would not just simply transfer the NFT, but make a Transfer and unpack call so he directly gets all the funds with the NFT in a single transaction.

That's how Tokeniz Works

So what are you waiting for go ahead and mint your own Tokeniz here on our site :-

And check out our collections at

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