Tokeniz Polygon address:- 0xF45F7f9A0C74c7ED0C422258C3F8c6083ce6bA6C

Spheron Deployment link:-

Aws Hosted link for non static development environment tests :-

please note AWS deployment is for development purpose only, and runs only on http

Opensea link:-

New Video:-

Old video(with no audio in demo) link if judges want to verify nothing changed:-


There are three stories those inspired us to develop Tokeniz.

  1. Being a Blockchain developer I wanted to give a crypto gift to a friend of mine for her birthday, but after going through various NFT it was evident that she being new to the crypto world it would be harder for her to actually use the NFT for any purpose plus she would have to sell it to someone else to actually make any use of it, So I need something that would be like a NFT with meta data and stuff as well as will also have some intrinsic value which could be used.
  2. I had a friend who brought a token on the first day of an 6 month long ICO coin, although people were buying them at 10time the price he brought them after a month or so, but since it was not listed on any dex it was hard for him cash out when he was in need. Although he was will to forgo the tokens for half the price people were buying them for, on P2P market. but some who find found on internet who wanted to buy couldn't find a base trust point in the transaction to happen.
  3. I was window shopping on amazon, and also checking some private online stores selling merchandise, and wondered how many people will onboard on to Web3 if buying crypto beacame as easy as buying something on Amazon

What it does

Tokeniz tries to solve all the above mentioned problems with a single solution.

  1. It provides a platform to lock multiple ERC20 tokens inside of a contract linked with the NFT tokens, behaving as a virtual wallet. Once the NFT is transferred the tokens are transferred accordingly.
  2. You can unpack your tokens anytime from the NFT or sell it with tokens or list it at any NFT Market place.
  3. Each Token is unique and hence users will be able to add their own meta data or images to wish or state purpose of the NFT, thus making it a perfect gift for any occasions.
  4. Similarly you can also sell unlisted token inside an NFT where the locked amount could be verified on chain Thus allowing Trustless P2P transaction.
  5. We can also integrate the NFT to unpack automatically on transfer and pack gas fee coins, which seller can add while minting the NFT which they can sell from their own ecommerce platform, and the transfer can be initiated, thus making getting into web3 similar to buying a eBook.

How we built it

  1. All contracts were written and deployed using Remix
  2. We extended ERC721 to create Tokeniz Contract
  3. Tokeniz contract creates a separate contract to hold packed crypto whenever a new token is minted
  4. Every tokens has its separate URI, and users can customize what data they want to showcase on their NFT
  5. All NFT data is stored on IPFS
  6. Frontend is hosted on Spheron
  7. AWS is used for backend data storage as well as development hosting
  8. Moralis was used for major web3 interaction
  9. Sequence wallet will be used for delegating transaction fees to create a Amazon like hassle free Marketplace
  10. UI development was done using VITE + React + Tailwind. Special Thanks to @jsmastry for web-template

Challenges we ran into

  1. Mumbai testnet was mostly down, Used rinkeby for all test purposes
  2. Fluence network need more documentations
  3. Since this was new concept most of the things were created from scratch

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We learned a lot of new techniques, and toolings
  2. We can now proudly present Tokeniz for any one to use on polygon
  3. Tokeniz is something new and something not available out there

What we learned

We learned a lot about upcoming technologies, new initiatives live almost free transaction on tron based on energy, etc. We also learned that thinking about small things in details can have massive benefits

What's next for Tokeniz

To develop a market place to sell multiple tokenized assets on cypto space.

Built With

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posted an update

Sorry for the interruption if you are not able to access the channel provided below, or getting error while watching the videos. Actually Someone tried phishing attack using site hosted on Spheron network, and hence the site is not running properly on chrome as it is being flagged as scam,

plus as we had links to our hosted page added in our video description youtube deleted our channel,

We are resolving the issues with youtube as well as spheron is also trying to get everything running smoothly,

till then we have uploaded the "Om's Birthday Present" video on vimeo, so you would be able to watch it here

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posted an update

Added MyTokeniz Page from where you can directly interact with all the Tokeniz you are holding in your wallet, You can directly interact with them on the same page, without hassling to going and finding out the token Id of the tokeniz from open sea or any other place. Video Demo of the update will be published on the following channel, In a day

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posted an update

Om's Birthday Present.

Checkout complete video at

Its 24th August, Om's Birthday. So we planned to send him very special gift using Tokeniz, Our custom made NFT, with a .gif file I made myself, and a special message.

Plus for it to not look cheap, We would like to throw in and lock some wETH with the NFT, and voila now its a great gift

But, we still have a problem, he is new to crypto and we don't want him to go fetching for faucets for initial transaction fee. So we thow in a matic for him to get started.

And then we would not just simply transfer the NFT, but make a Transfer and unpack call so he directly gets all the funds with the NFT in a single transaction.

That's how Tokeniz Works

So what are you waiting for go ahead and mint your own Tokeniz here on our site :-

And check out our collections at

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posted an update

Sending Gifts in Style, Today on occasion of our friend Om's birthday we are planning to use Tokeniz's Functionality and help him start on his Web3 journey with a small gift for him.

I minted a Special tokeniz NFT for him and locked few wETH with some Matic so he can carry out further transactions in future without worrying about finding a faucet.

You can Find it here:- Happy Birthday Om, From Tokeniz

We have Added Transfer and TransferAndUnpack Features to Tokeniz, and I will be demonstrating how it is going to be helpful for Getting New people to Web3 in a video whose link I will be uploading here soon

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posted an update

Sorry for the goofup with demo not having sound:- Uploaded new video with sound here :-

Here are the links live interactions:- Opensea Collection:-

Spheron Deployment link:-

Aws Hosted link for non static development environment tests :-

please note AWS deployment is for development purpose only, and runs only on http

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