Token Subscriptions

Publishers (service providers) deploy a smart contract on Ethereum with parameters for a subscription including destination address, token address, token amount, and period of recurrence. The publisher then supplies a link to the subscriber that is presented with the terms of the subscription to sign an off-chain meta transaction that is replayed on the defined period. The subscriber controls the flow of the tokens (starting, stopping, pausing, etc) using the ERC20 standard approve() function.

Created for the #wyominghackathon.

Usually a nonce is used for replay protection, but the heart of the trick with is a replay-able nonce that works on a defined schedule. In combination with the ERC20 allowances and meta transactions an extremely simple token subscription service can be created.

Start accepting token subscriptions now!


3 ETH for the ConsenSys Challenge - We used many products from ConsenSys to make our product a reality.

Best for Wyoming Challenge - Our subscription system blazes a new trail in utility token payments. We will demonstrate the idea of a utility Utility Token to show how set-it-and-forget-it subscriptions can help support municipal organizations.

MakerDAO DAI Prize - There is no better use for a stable coin than long running subscriptions. DAI is our default option when choosing what coin to use in your subscription.

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