To improve Quality of Life (QOL). and to help all pilgrims to identify the evacuation areas easier, faster, and safer.

What it does

Android App that uses google maps to save the pilgrims lives ،easy to use and timeless way.

How we built it

*we will use Google API . *

Challenges we ran into

Short allocated time to develop application, meet new people to build a team with different knowledge, experience and skills , time management. get the data of shelter site in Holy Places

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Participate in biggest hackathons ever and serve such a great target users with the pilgrims also, We build the team so quickly according to the project need and team members shared knowledge, came with many creative ideas, then all members have decided to nominate one unique and valuable project

What we learned

*United Team can work on a Goal to achieve and accomplish the project as planned and within the allocated timeframe (the biggest challenge) to gain success. how to deals with Goggle API and maps in short time and solve the problems *

What's next for Hajj_Evac

Potential access without internet, future availability for more volunteers and services. Also, laterally expected to involve crowed management by adding more features to the application.

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