Imagine you are at the gym and are looking to do some custom interval training. You want to customize your training intervals, so you download an app from the app store. However, when going through your workout, you are forced to keep your eyes on your device to see the timer. Our app, Timely Fit solves this problem by using audio cues. Users do not have to worry about turning the screen on to look at the timer. Instead, they can focus on their workout routine and get more out of their time at the gym.

What it does

Users are able to customize their training routine. They are able to specify workout time, rest time and the number of cycles. Additionally, it can record data and display it in a graph.

How I built it

My team primarily used Android Studio the make the android application with Firebase user authentication.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into a few challenges. First off, when trying to debug our project, the debugger was not working well with Fire base. This limited our options when it came to figuring out how to fix bugs. Although, we've all used gitHub before, it was our first time collaborating on a project. We had a few difficulties with pushing and pulling our application.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

For 3/4 of the team, it was our first time making an android application. It took us a while to get used to the whole process. However, after a lot of googling, we were able to end off with a functional application. This was a big moment for all of us.

What I learned

Through this experience, we learned that it is extremely helpful to build the basic functions first, then add to it. This breaks down the development process into smaller steps that are more doable.

What's next for Timely Fit

We envision timely fit to become the all in one fitness assistant in the future. A few features we want to add to the apps include: Ability to play music within the app. Ability to record personal messages for the workout commands/notifications. Motion sensing ability to count time independent workouts. Having a workout activity spinner for indecisive users. and More!

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