It’s no secret that anxiety levels have been through the roof with thousands if not millions of people worried about the availability of supplies during the pandemic, along with the actual decrease in stocks in supermarkets & stores worldwide as a response.

We wanted to make an impact and help put people at ease, while helping our local community in getting their supplies and maximising the effectiveness of their shopping visits during these critical times.

What it does

Time to Roll is a community-focused website that helps maximise users shopping trips by providing them with information about essential quarantine supplies stocks & where exactly to find them.

The website highlights the availability of supplies such as toilet paper, sanitiser, soap, etc. through a user-friendly interface that indicates locations where you can find these supplies. This allows users to plan ahead and limit waiting time, second-trips and unnecessary additional store visits. The locations will stay visible for a week to ensure that the information stays up to date and does not become inaccurate.

The community driven nature of the website users to feed information back into the platform to help support their community even further.

We’re a website developed by the community, for the community and together, we’ll get through this.

Now, Time to Roll.

How I built it

The site was built using React (with Next.js), Keystone serving as the CMS and powering the API, and Mapbox for the core mapping component.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the map interface to tie into the API data layer and posting content back to the API from map interaction

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Producing this initial prototype from idea thought up as a team to finished build in approximately 2 days

What I learned

How to create custom data layers on an interactive map with content pulled from an API and submitting data back to an API by selecting a location on a map.

What's next for Time to Roll

We'd like to expand the range of products you can flag as being available, the ability to mark whether the location is busy or has good social distancing in place, as well as look at adding other features for shop owners. Adding functionality to report inaccurate or inappropriate entries would also be a key addition.

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