Accessibility is the practice of making websites or platforms usable by as many people as possible. Freshdesk under the umbrella of Freshworks provides a wide range of services used by millions of users. While looking at Freshwork's marketplace there was no native app, widget or plugin available for simple text to speech. This inspired me to create an MVP of text to speech for this great platform.

What it does

This app/widget takes the tickets details like id, subject and description and convert it into speech creating Freshdesk platform more accessible for a range of user agents.

How I built it

Freshwork's developers platform has an amazing set of resources and codebooks which allow any developer to get familiar with this unique development framework. I mainly followed the resources shared by team and developer platform.

Challenges I ran into

At first it was a bit complex to understand how local development is directly linked with trial platform but then documentation helped greatly in navigating.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

I am happy to get introduced to Freshworks platform. The range of services that it provides is remarkable. Getting familiar with app/widget designing process is a great accomplishment. It opens many doors for a developer like me.

What I learned

I learned how can one understand a huge framework like freshworks with the help of well-written documentation, codelabs and developer community.

What's next for Ticket-To-Speech

This is just the start, since there was no native application available therefore this idea can be extended into many dimensions. Configurations like pitch, volume, rate and voice are first to be implemented. Then text-to-speech feature could capture more entities like tickets attributes, history, timeline etc.

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