With all the negativity being spread around in the online world, we [3 rising seniors in high school] wanted to find a solution that changes this narrative. So, we decided to create a platform where people can spread positivity by submitting personal quotes on different topics.

Whether it is an educational, comedic, or even a interesting quote, you never know who may benefit from reading these unique statements from people coming from all walks of life. We want to provide a safe space for people to share their opinions and ideas on certain subjects without being criticized for the belief that they have. Our goal for this project is to create a website that will leave a lasting impact on society.

What it does

ThinkPos provides people with a platform to spread positivity through personal quotes. We provide a user-friendly platform where unique individuals can share their beliefs, ideas, and opinions on all kinds of issues that are prevalent in our lives today.

How we built it

Using MySQL and Node.js, we created a backend that stores all the quotes being written by people, along with their name and where they're from. We also created a detailed and personal frontend using Javascript, HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap. *Overall, we spent 8 hours creating this project and deployed it using Heroku. *

Challenges we ran into

We struggled to properly format the quotes and dynamically add them to the website as they were being created by the user. Along with this, we struggled with storing and retrieving the quotes from the SQL database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create a simple and intuitive interface to allow the users to view and write quotes with ease. We also successfully integrated the database with the frontend quotes display.

What we learned

We learned how to collaborate as a team in order to develop both ends of the website smoothly.

What's next for ThinkPos

We plan on deploying and publishing ThinkPos in order to allow people from around the world to use this platform frequently.

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