Inspiration came from a need to send urgently a package to my parents. It was Friday afternoon and postal service didn't work and waiting till next week was not an option. Just about that time COVID related restrictions occurred and this kind of delivery became needed by general public (fast, flexible and with minimal or without contact ). Because of huge economic crises there is an urgent need for shared economy models like this one and for extra incomes. Main idea is: earn money while you drive, send packages faster and cheaper! Safe issue is focal point of TheGepek mission: drive only packages, make delivery without contact if possible and stay safe!

What it does

It helps flattening COVID curve by lowering social contacts as one person can manage multiple contactless deliveries. Of course it gives opportunity for extra profit and flexible time management - in period of economic crisis new revenue could always help! Also, it’s really convenient for fast cross country package delivery (way cheaper and faster than classic postal services). It’s intended exclusively for the carriage of packages, not people!

How I built it

This beta version was built by using PHP knowledge, Geo-location and WordPress development skills our small team has. Platform has security features to ensure safe delivery like driver ratings and identity check through social platform login. All drivers below average rates are excluded from the platform!

Challenges I ran into

Main challenge was to develop route for drivers and senders and to be as precise about route distance (locations) as this platform is meant for town delivery too so it needs to be as precise as possible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It’s also a platform for volunteer work as we encourage not charging package delivery for elders or other vulnerable groups.We are volunteering on this project and we give up all the transaction profits.

What I learned

We researched a lot about supply chain industry and especially parcel/package market. We had a feeling it's good time for platform like TheGepek but we needed more business research to prove this hypothesis. Also, we researched sharing economy models and how it's changing traditional industries.

What's next for TheGepek - carpooling for packages

Platforms like this one needs a lot of visibility to attract members and to build a community around it. We will invest in PR in the near future. Also, we will apply on state and EU funds for grants and of course we're in search for investors as we plan to significantly improve UX and we need to develop mobile application. Community trust will be our main focus in the future! Package delivery market is rising in two-digit numbers especially because of COVID related measures so this platform is going to be very suitable in post COVID time.

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