This video came from the need to explain what bitcoin is to a non-technical population. The biggest hurdle, I believe, regarding bitcoin adoption is that most people are still perplexed by it.

What it does

We try to condense the explanation of bitcoin/blockchain into an analogy that is easy to understand! We do so in the form of poetry, with strong matching visuals and sound effects. We try to stimulate as many senses as possible so that the viewer can remember the content!

How I built it

I hired an illustrator and animator to help me build the vision. Software used was Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Media Encoder. Adobe Dynamic Link helped a lot too.

Challenges I ran into

This was my first time directing a video, let alone an animation. My friend which is an excellent motion animator had told me that he would do this hackathon with me, but due to unforeseen circumstances, 1 week prior to hackathon due date, he had to leave the project. At that moment, I almost stopped the project, but I knew that I had a really great poem so I pressed on. I hired animators and tried my best to explain the vision on my own via sketches.

"Omniscient" is pronounced differently in the US than in the UK. Canada is somewhere in the middle, I had to poll my friends in Vancouver, BC to see how they pronounce it!

Video length was extremely difficult to deal with, especially when attempting to explain bitcoin!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The direction of video animation is very difficult to explain, at least for me. I am a programmer and I am used to explaining things in a more objective way. Video animation is an art and with that comes subjectivity which complicates communication. I tried my best to convey the vision by drawing up sketches of every scene and being patient with my communication. I believe that in the end, this patience and persistence paid off. It was a blast and I love the final video.

What I learned

Video animation direction which will be useful for videos I plan to make for my audience (

What's next for The Wonders of Bitcoin and Blockchain

If this is a winning video, then I will remake it into a longer form!

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